Virtual Run

The USA Beach Running Championships Virtual Runs


Please note that 2024 MEDAL and BIB will NOT be mailed until AFTER the 2024 event is occurred (April 28, 2024).


2024 Medal

Step One: Register

The 2017 – 2020 USA Beach Running Championships virtual runs are now available!


Step Two: Run

Once you have registered, you can begin running the distance you registered for. Make sure to save your run proof for your submission. Please see the FAQs for acceptable forms of proof.

Step Three: Submit

Deadlines to submit: 

There is no deadline to submit your virtual run proof.

Instructions for your submission:

Please submit all of the required information to smoothrunningorg@gmail.comOnce you have submitted this information, our staff will confirm your email within 3-5 business days.

All of the information below is REQUIRED when submitting your run proof.

Event Name + Distance:

First + Last Name:


Mailing Address: 

Run Proof (please see below for acceptable forms):

Step Four: Wait

Once you have submitted your run proof to and your submission has been approved, you will be added to our mailing list.  Virtual packets take 2-3 weeks to be mailed out.

Virtual FAQs

Q:  What do you mean by run proof?

A: All runners who are registered for the virtual event must send proof that they ran. There are apps and devices that will track your run for you. The most popular apps / devices we see in our submissions include but are not limited to, Fitbit app, Garmin, a treadmill, and MapMyRun.

Q:  Does the distance have to be run all at once?

A: Runners can break the total distance into as many individual runs as desired. The only requirement is that when added together, the distance of all the runs equals the distance you registered for.

Q:  What swag will I receive?

A: All runners will receive a hat, medal, and bib.

Q: Can I purchase a shirt?

A: YES! Please email us at

Q:  What is the minimum age for the virtual run?

A: There is no minimum age for the virtual run


Questions:   Please contact us at