Race Course

Water Stations

  • There will be 2 Water & Gatorade Stations for 10k runners at Mile 1, Mile 3.1 and mile 5.
  • There will be 3 Water & Gatorade Stations for 10 miler runners at Mile 1, Mile 3.1, and Mile 5.
  • The stop at Mile 5 will also have cut bananas.

Course Notes

  • Restrooms are at Shepard Park. Look for signs on the course.
  • Low tide is at 9:28 am, so we will have good running conditions all morning.
  • Miles 1 through 5 of the out course are generally very flat, wide and hard-packed so all 10k runners will have very good running conditions.
  • The beach begins to slope a bit and is not as wide at mile 5 so 10 miler runners take note. The sand is still hard-packed, but the beach is narrower than other parts of the course.